Global Material Replacement

The material editor seems not to allow the user to replace one material with another, nor does it allow me to delete some materials from the tree root. It would be great if I could do those two things.

I still have files from V4, which need new materials. I am assuming that it won’t allow me to globally replace materials used on blocks, but shouldn’t it, because it also won’t select them, so it’s a crapshoot.

Find the material in the material editor list and right click on it, choose “Select Objects”. Once all objects are selected, find another material in the list and right click on it and choose “Assign to selection”.


Yeeeah that works but if you have stuff assigned by layer it means they’re no longer by layer, and anything that’s not visible/unlocked doesn’t get it applied.

You can replace a material with the “change” menu item but that just lets you start from scratch, there is no way to ‘swap out’ a material with an existing one.

The old materials still exists on load-up, but I cannot select the objects that use them, perhaps because they are blocks, but which ones? There is no way of knowing.

We need global material replacement that works, please fix this.