Reading AngularDimension with Rhino3dm.Rhino.FileIO

Hi, I’m trying to read a 3dm File with Rhino3dm.Rhino.FileIO and export it in a dxf file, but when i read an LinearDimension and AngularDimension object types, the coordinates of StartPoint and EndPoint are not the ones in the 3dm file, and I don’t Know why ?

I use c# and i can’t use RhinoCommon. The user doesn’t have Rhinoceros

Hi Gustavo,
Can you share your code?

Hi Alain
this would be a code extraction,

 model = RhinoIO.File3dm.Read(path);

        File3dmModel = model;
        RhinoIO.File3dmObjectTable objectTable = model.Objects;
        TableObjects = objectTable;
        RhinoIO.File3dmLayerTable layerTable = model.AllLayers;
        TableLayers = layerTable;

        foreach (RhinoIO.File3dmObject obj in objectTable)
	switch (obj.Geometry.GetType().Name)
               case "AngularDimension":
                    var AngularGeometry = obj.Geometry as Geometries.AngularDimension;
		var ap1x = angularObject.ArrowPoint1.X;
		var ap1y = angularObject.ArrowPoint1.Y;
		var ap2x = angularObject.ArrowPoint2.X;
		var ap2y = angularObject.ArrowPoint2.Y;

The ArrowPoint values are not the ones in the 3dm file.

The 2D points are relative to the annotation’s plane. Get3dPoints should give you the 3d locations. Does that work for you?

Anyone would help me, but 2D points gives me coordinates with the center point as (0,0) and Get3dPoints function returns all points with a value of (0,0,0)

The problem was risolve. I updated the Rhino3dmIO.Desktop library.