Readily interchangeable 2-post plate-style belt buckle and companion belt

Attached is a Rhino 6 model for a modified “plate-style” belt buckle and companion belt designed to make it easier to interchange buckles among belts. An STL file is also attached.

A standard plate-style buckle comprises three elements: a plate, a chape and a post. The plate is the decorative front of the buckle. The chape is the c-shaped element fixed to the back of the plate around which a belt wraps to attach the buckle to the belt. The post (also called the prong or hook) penetrates a hole in the free end of the belt when the belt is worn to keep the belt tight.

In the modified design, the belt no longer wraps around the chape. Instead, the chape takes on a new role: supporting a second post that mirrors the standard one. The end of the belt that formerly wrapped the chape now simply passes through the chape to be penetrated by the second post.

The modified belt is, therefore, a simple strap with two free ends and with at least one hole punched near each end. The two posts on the buckle, each penetrating a hole in opposite ends of the belt from opposite directions, maintain tension between the ends when the belt is worn.

With this change, buckles and belts are independent of each other except when worn and working together. Interchangeability is inherent. The relationship between buckles and belts becomes more like the relationship between cuff links and shirts. Choose one of any number of buckles to wear with one of any number of belts.

As illustrated in the model, the sizing holes in the belt can be hidden from view by placing them in the end of the belt that rests against the chape. That also means the visible end of the belt can extend beyond the buckle by a constant length irrespective of which sizing hole is used. Also, not wrapping the chape means that the buckle sits the same distance off the body at both ends of the buckle.

The modified buckle design can be used with a standard belt that wraps around the chape, provided a slot is cut in the belt to accomodate the second post.

The attached photos are of:

  • a plastic 3D-printed version of the buckle in the model, and
  • four other buckles designed in Rhino then 3D-printed in wax and finally lost wax cast in bronze.

Two_Post_Buckle_and_Belt.3dm (4.8 MB)

Two_Post_Buckle.stl (5.2 MB)

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