Belt Buckle - Jacob Frye

so I have been approached by a new client who wants to have a belt buckle 3d printed. They are keen to replicate as close as possible. How would you approach modelling this project?

Hard to tell, the image is tiny. This one is a smidgeon better. Looks like it has two symmetry axes and is a simple profile, so you’d only need to model the primary domain. I’d do something like this from 2D curves and profile curves between them. Buckle up!

Sweep2 seems fit.
Make bottom two rails, make cross section and sweep2.
To copy cross sections for better control use orient, with option copy yes and scale 1D or 3D

model forth of it then mirror twice.

I guess loft using cross sec might also be doable.

Maybe this also might help…

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great tutorial video… thank you

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That’s good, your Rhino model rendering shows you translated it well from that tiny photograph, happy 3D printing!