Rhino 5 File - Read Only + Exclusively Opened

Hi all,

I’ve run into an issue that started today regarding opening almost all of my Rhino files. I get the following errors:

  1. File is in use by “username” on computer XX. Open in read only.
  2. File can only be opened as read only (no other instances)
  3. File is exclusively opened elsewhere (with no prompt to do read only- these files are essentially dead)

I’ve tried copying the files into new locations, onto my desktop from server and vice versa, renaming and even opening as read only and saving new. Each time a file closes or a new file is made the same set of issues arise. I haven’t figured out a specific pattern as I’ve encountered all of them in the last several hours. I’ve deleted the .RHL files, opened from within Rhino and from windows explorer. Uninstalling and reinstalling now as a last ditch effort.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.


It seems like you’ve generally covered the bases.

Where are you storing your files?
If you try to do this whole cycle on your local drive like your Documents folder, do you have the same problem?
It sounds like your files are stored in a location that you do not have full Administrator rights to use.
The symptom you describe is what Rhino is supposed to do if there is an RHL file with the same name in the folder.