Re-Register Plugin

Hi @stevebaer, @dale

I have two versions of a plugin in 2 different locations (release and develop).
I double click 1, it loads and the registry entries refer to the path of 1.
When I double click 2, I expect it to register with the second path location.
Instead I get “Unable to load *.rhp plug-in: ID already in use.”

The registry entry for plugin is not overwritten when the second is double-clicked.

How do I achieve this without manually deleting the plugin ids from registry??

You might have to remove the registry entry if your plug-in is a “load at start” type plug-in. If it isn’t a “load at start” plug-in, then I’m not sure what is causing the problem that you are seeing.


Are you saying having the following code is the problem? Having this code, I have to manually remove registry entry?

public override PlugInLoadTime LoadTime
get { return PlugInLoadTime.AtStartup; }

If I remove this code, then double-clicking the .rhp plugin will register the respective plugin path and get loaded into Rhino. Am I right?

If not, a detailed explanation would be helpful.

Yes, I believe that is the problem. Your original rhp is loaded before the one you double click on.

It might be easiest to have your debug and release builds compile to the same location.