Plugin already loaded

I have two plugins


The first was developed in .NET and targeted Rhino 7 (which I don’t have) and the second was developed in a framwork that allows debugging while running in Rhino 6. Since I don’t have R7, I prefer the latter.

However, after making a change to the latter plugin, I hit the install button in the plugin manager and select the newer .rhp. I get the message that the plugin is already loaded, but said plugin doesn’t show up in the plugin manager list of installed plugins and the command generated by the latter plugin (OffsetPicker2023) isn’t recognized.

I’ve looked through the relevant similar articles, but my problem is not related to the ID already being used, as far as I know.

Once a plug-in is installed, you don’t need to reinstall it after it has been rebuilt. If the RHP file is changed in-place, you only need to start rhino again.
Regarding the ID, this can be found in the AssemblyInfo.cs file and needs to be different in each plug-in.

I thought you needed to re-install if you added new commands.

No that is not needed, although your new command is not known by rhino before the plug-in actually loads. That depends on the PluginLoadTime property of your plug-in. If that is set to “when needed”, you need to type another command first, then the plug-in loads and your new command is found while loading. Only then can you type your new command :smiling_face:

Do both plugins have the same GUID in the AssemblyInfo.cs file ?

No, the two plugins have different GUIDs.