Ray trace Plugin

Hi All,

Is there a free ray trace plugin available for Rhino 5?
What happened to Neon? and when I press my plugin download option it just returns the website with 404 file not found?

no, neon has been discontinued. And Rhino render was the only option for raytracing.

More importantly, v5 is now over 9 years old… Time to upgrade that old dog to v7!

you qualify for the upgrade pricing- why not catch up to this decade?

V7 has amazing new rendering tools that blow away anything v5 could offer on it’s best day.

You’re probably right Kyle but I bought just before v6 came out and I was under the impression the updates were free. I’m only an occasional user and it’s another 600 to upgrade but since my Flash help panel doesn’t work anymore which I rely on I might have to.

you can upgrade any version at any time, so 5 to 7 is no problem.

all service release updates are free, major number upgrades are and always have been for cost.

You won’t regret it… 7 is a great upgrade. And if you do…we offer money back returns.