Differnt render preview and render

i just struggle a few hours to find out what was wrong at the end i made a render and everything seam oke ??
it cost me at last 3 hours import again and and again-:frowning:
greetings Peter
(model made in xfrog

As you have now discovered, the Rendered working display mode is a rough approximation of what an actual rendering produces. There are technology reasons the working display mode can not be a fully accurate ‚Äúrendered preview‚ÄĚ.

thanks sometimes its hard to learn-:frowning:

It may be possible to improve the realism of the rendered working display mode using the free Neon tool. If you download and install Neon, then set your viewport into the ‚ÄúNeon‚ÄĚ display mode, it will be a better job of looking more like your final rendering. You can even capture the viewport display instead of doing a formal rendering with another rendering tool.

thank for the suggestion i will have a look at google to find it
greetings Peter