Divide curve points randomly help

Hi everyone, I’m trying to divide the bottom curve points unevenly to achieve a random distribution of points and lines, I have absolutely no idea how to do this, if anyone could help that would be so helpful! Thanks!

Upload Help.gh (12.7 KB)

I don’t understand what you’re asking for and see no Random component in your model? This may be a better (more “fair”) way to do your Loft at the end though, as two separate surfaces that are joined together, instead of joining the lines before lofting.

loft_variation__2019Nov24a.gh (16.7 KB)

Hi Joseph, sorry for not being clear, here’s a sketch of what I’m trying to achieve. I have the points across my design spaced evenly, but I’m unsure what command to use to space all the points unevenly for an uneven distribution. Something like this:

It looks like points at the bottom, middle and top all have the same X coordinates? And those X values are randomly distributed along the bottom line?

First though, here’s a different way of doing the loft using horizontal curves instead of vertical lines. Maybe not the effect you want?

loft_variation__2019Nov24b.gh (15.0 KB)

P.S. I didn’t try to loft these lines because it may not be what you want? The X coordinates of points on the middle curve are not the same as those on top and bottom. But I’m going to bail out on this one, sorry. So many ways to do these things and I’d rather do something else. :sunglasses:

loft_variation__2019Nov24c.gh (20.7 KB)

P.P.S. Well, OK, here’s lofting the polylines with Loft Option “Straight”. But notice that the points don’t reach the ends of the top curve! DOH!
Same with the middle and bottom curves but they aren’t as obvious. Details…

loft_variation__2019Nov24cc.gh (21.8 KB)

I hate to leave a job unfinished… See the Value List (blue group) to switch between “‘t’ on mid crv” as before or “plane intersection” where all three curves get the same X coords for each point.

’t’ on mid crv

plane intersection

loft_variation__2019Nov24d.gh (29.3 KB)