Randomly deleting from Lunchbox panels

Hey guys,

I was wondering if there was a way to randomly delete a series of panels from this facade I’m working on. My mind goes to random reduce but I am not sure how to execute it.

I have created this series using Lunchbox’s panels, and used grasshopper to turn them into polysurfaces so that they can act like a facade. I’d like to have a way to randomly remove/delete some of these panels/polysurfaces. Any help is appreciated!

Here are the example/test files.The grasshopper script and the surfaces should be linked to create the panels. I could not upload a Rhino file with the panels baked, as the file size was too big.
test p3.gh (25.7 KB)
test.3dm (307.6 KB)

Have a look… You’ll need weaverbird plugin.

test p3_re.gh (138.0 KB)