Random Scale & Rotate?

Hi there, I’m really new to grasshopper so apologies in advance for asking a seemingly basic question. I am trying to construct Peter Eisenman’s House V, but aiming for more variations. The basic logic of his building is this L shape thing which can be seen in the image I attached below.
I have created a number of these shapes with identical size, but I’m not sure how to random scale them so that each of these forms can have different dimension. May you please help me out there?

I also want to rotate these forms each using their own centre as the axis in both vertical axis and horizontal axis, with a degree of 90, 180 and 270. I sort of did that along the vertical axis, but cannot figure out how to also achieve the same thing in the horizontal axis. I’d really appreciate with some suggestions on this one too!

Thanks again!

unnamed.3dm (2.9 MB) unnamed.gh (18.4 KB)

Don’t ever apologize for being a beginner in something or asking for help! There’s no shame in that. What you should be sorry for is double posting!

Do yo have something like this in mind?

2021-03-28 09-11-48.2021-03-28 09_14_04

Full randomization is usually great in the experimentation phase of the design, but I’d implement a specific rule set for less aleatory results in a later stage. Otherwise, it will be very hard to control any aspect of the final outcome.

unnamed2.gh (27.4 KB)

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Thank you very much!!
It’s interesting to see that you didn’t use the boolean difference but still achieving the similar result of subtraction.

You’re welcome. However, I did use the solid difference, too.