Rotate / Scale Randomly within Grid Structure

Hi there,

I’m really new to grasshopper so apologies in advance for asking a seemingly basic question.

I have created a pattern and mapped it to a grid to create varied outputs. At this stage I can’t seem to randomly rotate the pattern within the individual grid cell, I can rotate them all together but not independent of each other. In addition, I’m hoping to slightly vary the scale across the grid rather than a uniform output. Can anyone please share some advice on how to rotate grid cell data independent of each other?

I have attached my script, apologies I know its not the most efficient way to build it, I have also attached the precedent image for reference.

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H180424_Grasshopper (26.7 KB)

up too late thought i’d point you in the right direction… :slight_smile: its all about the data trees! make sure they match…

180424_Grasshopper (45.9 KB)

Thank you very much for your time. Also, I’ll be sure to look up some data matching tutorials online and getter a better understanding. Really appreciate the help. Thanks again