How to do holes in a facade

I want to make this facade with the little holes but i want the windows to appear in random locations. I am pretty new to rhino and grasshopper and i know very basic things so I hope someone can help me with the coding! Thank you so much!

Is the purpose for rendering or for fabrication?

I want to make that a 3d object, bake it, so i can later import it in sketchup with the rest of the model. And then render in sketchup

I would recommend using opacity mapping vs actual geometry. Such perforations can be very intensive, even on one panel, much more so on an entire façade.

Here is a quick definition to get you started. I was lazy and used the heteroptera grid. (10.2 KB)

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wowwww!! thank you! I had a code for holes in a plain surface and a code for random windows but i didnt know how to combine them. I need to catch up i dont even know what heteroptera is

its a plugin with a quick grid, you can use the native grid components but you will need to size it according to the rectangle.

You could setup a panel map generator, one panel that you can ‘randomly’ place the window/s and create your opacity map (png w/ alpha channel), which could be applied to a similar size box in sketchup (not familiar with the software but imagine its similar to others).