Random issues with Annotation Styles and Text - SR13

Issue 1- Since updating to SR13, my annotation style will randomly change. Sometimes I can go for hours without it happening, and sometimes it changes immediately between adding one dimension and the next.

Issue 2 - When adding or modifying text, it randomly makes it bold. This happens whether I use the edit text dialogue box, or the text properties toolbar window. Sometimes the B icon highlights on its own, and everything goes bold, and sometimes it highlights, but it doesn’t type bold. It seems to happen randomly, but it happens probably half the time I add or edit text.

sysinfo.txt (2.4 KB)

Intel® HD Graphics + old drivers = Lot’s of problems!

Hi Nate,
issue 1 - “annotation style will randomly change”
Is it only the ‘bold’ property that changes?

issue 2 -
What fonts are you using?
Can you share a file?


Yeah, I’m working on getting management to upgrade our machines… hopefully a new graphics card will help :+1:

1- No, it actually switches the entire Annotation Style, and I have to run SetCurrentAnnotationStyle to change it back to the one I was using.

2- The font we’re using is Roboto, but it happens with other fonts as well.
However, I just deleted the font and reinstalled it and now it works… Probably corrupted font files… :thinking:


Ok. Great. Please report here if the problems resurface.

I’m having some weird issues with this also, Bold text randomly, the text dialog tab being blank when text is selected, underlining randomly, fonts changing with for no reason. :unamused: its making producing dconsistant drawings very hard.

Do you have specific steps or a file to share so we can reproduce this problem?
Are the problems with specific fonts?

Sorry, Alain I’m unable to share files as it is a work file and we have restrictions.
I know this make diagnosing things difficult.