BUG - Arial keeps Bolding - How to Remap Arial to Liberation Sans?

Hey guys, I believe you know about the Arial bug - is there a quick fix other than changing my font everywhere that I have Arial?

For now, I’m guessing remapping to a different font would be a way to go. Can’t find a How-To here or online help. Would appreciate some direction if/when someone has a moment!


Hi -

I suppose that if you have a YT item number, that assumption should be valid.

Does ´MatchAnnotation´ help?

@wim Are you saying to select all my text/annotations and do that?

UPDATE: I’m getting that BOLDING problem with Liberation Sans, now too. Every time I go in and edit some text, it bolds itself.

Hi -

I merely asked if that helped.
I can’t say I’ve gotten enough information in this thread to be able to understand what the problem is.

Ha, sorry @wim I’m not understand how to use “MatchAnnotation” - but I’ll look it up. Sorry for the confusion.

The Bold still happens with MatchAnnotation

FWIW, I see a bunch of Bold-related text bugs in progress or next up… so this may be part of that overall problem. As for mapping, don’t know other than to modify the annotation style to use a different font - I’m not sure that addresses your question though.


Thanks, @pascal - Seems the Bold bug is every font for me anyways. Do you have the same problem?