Radius of pipe

Hello all,
I am unable to give thickness to a pipe of radius with a cap in grasshopper.
Attaching the file herewith

pipe.gh (17.8 KB)

I always thought the pipe command could do it.There must be a very common component that I am missing out.

Thank you in advance for your time

You mean give thickness to the pipes?
A little bit cumbersome, you can do it with vanilla GH components. And you’ll need just one component(Offset Surface) with pufferfish plugin.

pipe_re.gh (19.6 KB)

Thanks a lot HS_Kim.
I ll try using it.

Hi Kim

A little help needed here
Why am I not able to cap the inner radius of the pipe.
It shows an error while I do so.

pipe_re.gh (23.4 KB)

If you make caps, they are already closed polysurfaces. My solution is for pipes which have no caps(single surface). It only works with 0=None type of caps.
You need to understand the basic properties and terminology of each geometry type.(surface, polysurface, brep, solid, mesh…)

Thanks a lot for your input Kim.I understand now why wasn’t it able to generate the curve inside.