Radial waffle system

Hi guys i really need help with a waffle system, please find the files attached. I have the surface and i want to make a waffle system out of that surface, the waffle system am after is radial as my surface is a circular kind of shape, the ribs should be aiming at the centre point of that surface, i tried to use a definition that someone helped me out with a year ago for another project but seems it doesn’t work. If anyone could help me out i would be much appreciate it
radial_waffle_system1.gh (25.3 KB)
radial waffle system 1.3dm (2.5 MB)

If you don‘t even invest time to describe your problem, I assume nobody will invest time to help you.


Hi Tim, thanks for your advice, i should have done this before, i hope the description of my problem now its more clear

Have you looked at the Bowerbird plugin?