Radial Split at Center (Feature Request)

this would speed up a lot of things (unless I’ve totally missed something)

hi @yelenaye there is one simple trick for such surfaces. either you use the input polygon curve or use DupBorder and call AreaCentroid which places a dot in the center of the polygon then use loft with the outer curve and the point. the resulting surface will have your wanted properties, even better since those will be clean surfaces without having to shrink them.

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that is a neat lil trick !! I should macro it ;] thnx!

The result has a singularity using this trick - that might be fine, but it it might not - it is not the same as splitting up a planar surface.


that is true, but i cant imagine many occasions if at all, where half shrunken surfaces would have an advantage, over a singularity pointing towards the center of an already defined boundary.

Hello - texture mapping is one case I can think of.


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wow! that works perfectly ! is rhino syntax straight fwd enough to pick up?
I used to do some python for modo & made custom scripts… but almost hesitant
to start on a new syntax ; )

i tried this too, but i got the following

Exception Occured
Message: ‘BrepEdge’ object has no attribute ‘EdgeCurve’

line 36, in RadialSplit, “/Users/xxx/Desktop/splitradial.py”
line 64, in , “/Users/xxx/Desktop/splitradial.py”

hm… can you post the object you tried to split?



Hi Yelenaye - rhinoscript syntax is not required - it makes a lot of common Rhino related operations easier to type but you can do this all in Python.


just any random polygons which i applied PlanarSrf on. maybe because i use the mac version, but its not important was just curious if it works while also thinking where it could be useful.

@yelenaye what are you actually needing this for?

polygons.3dm (14.2 KB)

Thanks - that does work here (Windows, V6) , I’ll have a look on Mac - I can imagine it may fail on V5 - there are probably some differences in RhinoCommon.


@encephalon : it’s just a handy lil feature/tool that I’ve gotten used to
in previous modeling software. one example below:

@pascal Thanks! I’ll check it out.
quick question: is it possible to make the script work on a non-exploded srf ?

Hello - yes it should be possible… hm, now that I say that I’m not sure… I’ll see.

@yelenaye - this works on faces in a polysurface


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thank you!

it’s perfect! this will make a big difference in my workflow! big thnx @pascal !!!