Split planar face command not working

When I try to split the planar surface in half using command split planar face, it doesn’t leave me a curve in the middle, and therefore I can´t edit the edge I made.

Guy in this youtube video is able to do that.

I can do the same if I draw the line from corner to corner but not if I try to split it from middle of the edge to perpendicular on a rectangular face.

I am using Rhino 7

Hi Alli -

I take it that you are using the SplitFace command and that you are snapping to the mid points on opposite edges?
Please upload a 3dm file with just the surface that you are having issues with.


Thank you for your response!

Yes, I guess it seems to be that SplitFace command. I just found it under “solid tool” tool bar and by name “split planar face”

Here is link to the file:

Hi @user2187
You are 26 THOUSAND kilometers away from the world center in a file using meters as units - That’s more than halfway round the globe. That’s a really bad idea, as the (floating point) calculations simply run out of digits. Precision is not possible when all the digits have been “used up” by just getting into outer space. Move your geometry closer to the world center (0,0,0) and it works as expected. Is there a reason for having your geometry placed so far away from the world center?
HTH, Jakob

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I’m sure I saw a post a few years back where a user was something like 6 billion metres away from origin :upside_down_face:


thank you! Moving closer to origin worked!

I was modeling to top of one map which coordinates were corresponding to the actual location, so that is why I was so far away from origin.