Radial sorting problem

Dear all,

I set up with two different ways the Radial Sorting of triangular panels around each neighbor (only clockwise or counterclockwise ). However I don’t get the same direction of radial sorting in all panels.
Please take a look at the attached file (problem found at no 1).

This is important for the industrial-fabrication purpose. I generate the excel file of the adjacent triangles of each panel.

2022-04-01-g.gh (34.8 KB)

The end point / seam of the circle might be a problem. It’s not always at the same place.

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As @martinsiegrist said, this issue with the Seam

since you created sorting circles based on your planes, your planes are not aligned, please use the alignplanes tool to fix this issue.

2022-04-01-g _re.gh (53.2 KB)

Dear Martin,

Thank you very much for your contribution.
I applied the part of the definition as you suggested.

In the attached file, some panels still don’t have same radial sorting of their adjacent triangular panels (only counterclockwise or only clockwise) . I must have other errors. For instance 0 panels are counterclockwise and 1 panel’s are clockwise.

2022-04-01-h-.gh (34.1 KB)

Hello @elinapattichi
The only sorting problem with your definition is around the edges, when you get one or two items in the branch you get a direct line between the two points, so I guess you need at least 3 points around the center to get the clockwise effect.


Yes you are right.
So, I created a psevdo-point to always get either 1 or 3 adjacent panels. The algorithm of the fabrication procedure can work with this logic.

Thank you very much for your time. I will come back with more questions

3d-LIGHTERVERSION.3dm (582.3 KB)
Dear all,

The angle of adjacency has to be set always towards the same side of the triangles. I need the angles relative to the individual panel. If one panel is in line with its neighbour we are at 90°. If the panel tends to close we will have an angle of less than 90°, but if the panel tends to open outwards the angle will be greater than 90°.
2022-04-01-h-.gh (55.2 KB)