Radial sort problem

I am trying to use Radial Sort ( http://www.neoarchaic.net/resources/grasshopper/radial-sort/ ) for my situation.
I have a bunch of paired planes and lines. I am generating points by intersecting the planes and the lines. I am trying to use Radial sort to synchronize the points in order to loft the polylines created by the points. It works for two cases but the point order is not ok in one case. How can I correct this?

radial sort.gh (13.7 KB)

One option is to turn on ‘Align sections’ in the loft options

I’ve never heard of Radial Sort and don’t know what you’re doing, but the twisted loft can be fixed by checking the ‘Align sections’ Loft option:

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thank you for both of you. I wonder however what is the problem with radial sort. As far as I know it calculates the order according the x angle of the plane.

It looks like that script is sorting points by angle with the x-axis, but there are some where this angle is very close to 0 (presumably because of how you created your planes), meaning small differences could be causing them to wrap over to 2pi, changing the sort order.
Using the Y-axis instead would avoid this here.

There’s also no need for a script to do this
radial sort.gh (14.7 KB)

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thanks. Align section doesn’t work in some cases. Surprisingly sometimes it creates an extra curved surface.
align sections.gh (9.2 KB)

Any idea why align section Loft option gives a bad result?