Radial sort panels with different height 2.0

Hi! I’m here to ask another question about radial sort, now, here the mesh have changed mesh from the last question, and I cannot simply sort it with the height of the center point anymore, as you can see there are some inconsistencies in the photo

how can i sort the panels so that they are ordered from the bottom to the top following a spiral pattern? meaning: the first layer should to form 1-32 and the second layer of panels will start from 33 and so on and so on…

Thank you for your answers!

question2.gh (23.2 KB)

You didn’t internalize your mesh in this thread?

And how about a reference to the first (DUPILCATE?) thread?

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Thank you for the hint, I have updated my file above. Thank you for your answers.

Instead of sorting by Z, I am sorting by the fractional value from the white group:

sort_mesh_faces_2021May16a.gh (44.9 KB)

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Thank you very much for showing this Joseph! It makes a lot of sense.

Sorting the joined mesh edges by Z isn’t strictly necessary, as you can see by reversing the Join output. It merely reverses the sort results from the white group.

sort_mesh_faces_2021May16b.gh (46.2 KB)

P.S. Same core model showing external lines connecting Crv CP points. Their lengths are “distance food” for the white group.

sort_mesh_faces_2021May16c.gh (50.5 KB)

sort_mesh_faces_2021May16c2.gh (50.2 KB)