Radial dimension

I might have worded it wrong last time .I need to dimension a distance along a curve radially.
Does anyone have a bit of script that will allow me to put a radial dimension into my model

If you are scripting with RhinoScript, you can use the AddRadialDimension method.

Thanks dale
Unfortunately its not what im after.
I know the radius of the circle .I am trying to get the length of an arc round the circumference form a given point to a given point
I have attached a link that shows it

Hi Phillip,

I’m confused. Is there a particular Rhino dimensioning command you are trying to replicate?

If you want the arc length of a curve or sub portion of a curve, use CurveLength.

Does this help?

Curve length is exactly what I what but I need to show it on a drawing as a dimension.
It also means you have to split the curve at the points for dimensioning

my perception is you could put a ‘point’ (Curve => Point Object => single point - at any point you want on that curve (with Osnaps at “Intersection” / “End”) , and/then duplicate the curve (copy, paste-in-place) then use the ‘point’ to ‘split’ (or trim (if you desire?)) the curve, then use Analyze => Length and click (select) the ‘piece’ that you didn’t ‘trim’ away?

BUT - that is ONLY my PERCEPTION and reality may jump up and bite you in the serial port (what this means is that my ‘perception’ is probably wrong?!)

I think mully1 wants an actual dimension object that shows a curve length between two points on a curve…

This has been requested in the past…


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@lowell have you heard of this wish before?

Not Lowell obviously…

You’re kidding, right?

I should have said Yes, it’s on the wish list at least a few times.

Has it spot on.
does anything exist in scriptland?.

is it safe to assume that 9yrs later we still don’t have this? still trying to find anything on the VERY VERY old standard CAD function.