Radeon VII supported in AMD Radeon Pro Render?

Is anybody successfully using a Radeon VII (eGPU) in AMD Radeon Pro Render for Rhino 7 with the following or a similar setup?

iMac 2019

Radeon VII
Razerchore Chroma

AMD Pro Render

Version 7 (7.13.21348.13002, 2021-12-14)

The internal GPU (Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB) is working perfectly fine.
The activity manager shows, that the external Radeon VII is neither used for the ProRender viewport nor for an actual render.
The checkbox for the Radeon VII on the ProRender plugin in the options tab is ticked.
I would be glad if anybody couldt come up with a solution to activate the Radeon VII or use both AMD cards simultaneously, as this also works fine in Blender with Pro Render.



Unfortunately I don’t have an eGPU to attempt reproducing this. Have you attempted using only the Radeon Pro VII and compare the render speed with just the CPU? That way you can tell if it is or is not accelerating the process.