R8 WIP: Baking Content and Query Model Object retain list order?

It appears that whenever I bake objects with the new Content Bake component and reference these objects back in using the Query Model Objects component, that the order of the objects in the bake list and in the referenced object list is retained.

As far as I can tell, the list order is determined by when a piece of geometry was added to Rhino, the geometry that was added last is added to the end of the list. So, if I don’t delete or add geometry to a layer that I bake and reference from, the list order should be preserved. Is that correct?

Would the unflatten tree method be sufficient in retaining list structures post-baking (e.g. to re-reference geometry of which I only modify attribute values)? The file below is just a simple case study.

Retain list structure.gh (17.8 KB)