Layer referencing and list intems order

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For sure there are simple basic information which I don’t understand! I’m trying to reference 2 curves from the same layer (with Elefront). When I’m making modifications to curves (move/delete point) the order of the curves in the list is changing. How can I keep the same initial order in the list no matter how many modification I’ll make to the curves in Rhino.
Hope I succeeded to explain my problem! Thank you!!
listorder|video List (11.6 KB)

one way to deal with this is to have a Sort attribute


If you are baking with a bakename you can also reference by bakename and use the maintain paths option as well.

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Thank you!
It doesn’t work for me - don’t know why! The value list give “no valid keys found”!

you have define user attributes. You do this manually in rhino or via Elefront Define Attributes, either when you bake or in this case below, by modify rhino attributes


elefront has a user text properties panel or you can use the rhino one (blue cylinder icon)

I use Sort all the time to find the geometry I want but instead of ‘bakename’ or hidden user attributes, I use some property of the geometry itself like curve length, Z value or area.

Thank you!