R8 - text edit weird


i have some text blocks and the words within have different properties (some are bold, some are italic), but the same font.

when i copy the text block and edit the words the properties are mixed up and not funtioning properly any more. the text shows ok in preview, but after clicking in the layout again the text formatting has no effect.
the first part “option” should be normal and the second part should be bold / italic.


textformat.3dm (77.2 KB)

ps: i guess this is working normal in your version? ^^

Hi Benjamin - I see this - at least partly - thanks. I see changes to Italic are ignored. Here, so far, the rest seems OK.
RH-79507 Text: Editing Italic does not stick


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@pascal the tabulator formatting seems to be off too, within editor (edit text) I format rows when accepting changes, the formatting in model space is messed up, when I open text edit tool again, the formatting is messed>

I mean, its nice in the editor, but in the preview, it is already messed for some reason, its like the edit text editor is showing things right but its not true at all and I should check model space text while editing in edit text panel, which currently just seems to be good to only enter letters…

text entered in edit text panel (right), text in model space while edit text is open (left)

edit text after closing and reopening it

ps. It would be great to have option to change size of the text within the same edit text field, not to be forced to make separate text field


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