Text Editor Bugs

Top gif: Size changes not behaving.
Bottom gif: Bolding/Unbolding not always responsive, not displayed accurately between project and editor. (If all the text is selected and unbolded, it doesn’t unbold the text at all.)

I’m having this problem with the latest release of v6 and the WIP. The editor won’t allow me to un-bold or un-italic.

Hello - is this the case in any text in any font, or just some?


Hello Pascal,

It was misbehaving with my Annotation Style “Foot-Inch” using the Calibri font.

When I changed the Annotation Style, then changed it back, it started working as expected.


Hi Frank - and now it just works all the time? If so, I guess that is good, but I have no idea how to reproduce this… I’ll just look the other way for now.


Hi Pascal – Once I got it working I left it alone. It started as text in an AutoCAD file that I opened in Rhino. The problem occurred while I was adding text to a Layout. – Frank

I don’t recall having this issue for some time. But in my case it was a project with elements entirely native to Rhino.