Set standard 4 view layout

I’m using the windows theme layout. Most of the time I model using a single window and switch between the views using a keyboard short cut. Sometimes it happens when going back to a 4 view modeling layout - using the button above the window - that all the windows are completely messed up. For example only perspective view windows pop up or top view windows are shown. But these is because I switch between the windows using keyboard short cuts. In the previous (PC) XP / Windows versions there was a button that allowed the user going back to the standard windows layout. So far I couldn,t find anything like that in the menus. Would be really helpful to implement these in the final version.

Above your viewport, there is a row of tools similar in function to the Status bar on the bottom of the Windows Rhino screen. On the left side you’ll see the 4view icon you’re looking for.

Yes I know the buttons above the views, but it doesn’t set the window layout back to standard. It just allows the user to switch between a single window view and four window view. e.g. change your top view to right and your perspectiv view to right then push the single view button above the windows. If you now use the four view icon above it doesn’t set the views to the standard layout - perspective / top / front / right - you will end up with the same views you had before - right / right / front / right. This can happen during the modelling process and then it would be helpful to have a single click solution to go back to the standard layout.

And by the way the order above the views doesn’t match the order of the views in the windows. It was just at the beginning a bit confusing.

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