R8 - Display Modes Broken?


I’m having an issue where my viewports are not showing the correct viewport display mode settings.
Restarting Rhino hasn’t corrected it.

Here’s a quick video showing the issue:

You can see that existing Detail Views/Viewports are bugged out but if I create a brand new Detail View it appears to work okay… (second half of the video)

Has anyone else come across this issue?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Michael -

I see the mouse flying back and forth and back and forth…
Your SystemInfo data and a (simple) 3dm file that shows an issue would be nice.

@wim right, of course, my bad, I am sending you a message with both, thank you for looking into it!


Oddly, when opening an older version of the file and copy/pasting those Detail Views into the new (not working) version of the file, it works just fine. Leading me to believe that somehow the Detail Views themselves got bugged out.