R5 gobbles up R6 license

We have about 15 R5 licenses here in the office, and 2 R6 upgrades. Apart from myself, everyone is still on R5, and no-one has R6 installed on their computers apart from me.

It appears that sometimes when a user launches R5 or checks out an R5 license for a laptop, Zoo serves one of the two dual R5/R6 licenses instead of the single R5 license. This prevents me from using R6 until our admin releases it.

Is there a work-around for this, or something that our admin can configure in Zoo? I have to admit that I have never even seen the Zoo interface, as I am merely a user. Will work with our admin on this, who is aware of the issue.

Thank you

Hi @axa,

Yes, we’ve heard of this. I’ve logged the issue for consideration.


The current solution is to remove your Rhino 6 licenses from the (LAN) Zoo and add them to the Cloud Zoo

It’s possible that we could modify the (LAN) Zoo to always return a non-dual license before returning a dual license. The download of this is that if you start V5 and start V6, you could potentially tie up 2 licenses per user. Would this be acceptable?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

thanks for getting back. With what you say about possibly modifying Zoo, do you mean that each instance of V5 would take up its own license? Or is this a typo (‘start v5 and start V6’)?

I’ll have a chat with my admin about the Cloud Zoo, which we have not tried yet.

For now, the best solution for us seem to be me permanently checking out a V6 license, I reckon.


Is this issue fixed with Zoo 6 SR5?

Hi @axa,

No, this update does not address the issue we’ve discussed. There is still an internal discussion going on about how best to handle this.

– Dale

G’day McNeel,

Is this getting any love? We have the same issue.

We’ve had too many traumatic problems with cloud licencing in other software so won’t be pursuing this solution in the foreseeable future.


Hi @Ncik,

Here is the issue, which is still open - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/ZO-208

– Dale

I’ve experienced the same problem with Rhino7, see Rhino5 gets Rhino7-Upgrade license