Rhino5 gets Rhino7-Upgrade license

I’m running a LAN Zoo with one licence for Rhino5 and one upgraded licence from Rhino5/Rhino7. See first picture below.

I want to be able to start Rhino5 twice (on two different machines) or Rhino5 once and Rhino7 once.

If Rhino isn’t running anywhere and I start Rhino7 first, everything is fine. The LAN Zoo uses the Rhino7 licence and the Rhino5 licence is still available for starting Rhino5 in second place.

But, and that is the problem: If I start Rhino5 first, the LAN Zoo uses the Rhino5/Rhino7 licence for Rhino5 and I am not able to start Rhino7 afterwards (“no licence available”). (see second picture below)

Question: Is it possible to tell LAN Zoo to use Rhino5-only-licences for Rhino5 with some kind of priority and to leave the upgrade licences alone?

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(no Rhino started, all licences available)

(Rhino5 started, upgraded licence in use, Rhino7 cannot be started anymore)

I think the answer to that is unfortunately no. This was already a problem going from V5>>V6 and I don’t think the problem has been addressed since. Unless something has changed, when an earlier version requests a license, the Zoo does not know how to prioritize unlinked licenses before linked (upgraded) licenses.

The Zoo already knows that a licence is a “normal” licence or an “upgraded” licence because it exactly shows these information in the admin interface. Thus, this might be a simple task and only some lines of code for McNeel’s developers to use always the “lowest needed available licence” instead of “any available licence”

How and where can I request this feature?

It’s already on the list - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/ZO-208
I added a comment, but I don’t know if this problem has any kind of priority…



Thanks for pointing this out. I will have exactly the same issue, as I’ve just bought a V7 upgrade for one of my V5 licences.

Please add my vote to the pile, requesting a fix.

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The only work-arounds, are to start V7 first so it gets the right license, then start V5 second on the other computer,
upgrade the other V5 so each cluster can run either version.


Sure, but in a situation with more than one person the first workaround needs a lot communication (“Hey, John Doe, please close all Rhinos, I need to start Rhino7”), the second one will be nice for McNeel but not for the customer’s bank account. Any solution being more customer-friendly will be highly appreciated - and can’t be such a big change to the LAN Zoo.

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I agree. That’s why it on the list but it’s a major change to a free floating license manager that needs to remain simple enough and reliable enough to remain free.

How much futzing around like you described are you willing to do to save $300 (March 10), or $500 after March 10?
My guess is 2-3 people discussing this a couple times and you’ve already burned that $500.

I’m not suggesting that we won’t try to add this ability, but there are more important problems to fix in the mean time. It’s going to be a while before we get to it.


Thumbs up, thanks!

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I just made an offer to a client who has 6 commercial license and only wants to upgrade one for the moment. So the difference is $300 or $500 x 5 = $1500-$2500

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Nearly two years later I just want to add some new sentences. The old problem is gone (I can start R7 now later than R5), but it is even worse now.

This is what I’m doing: I start R5 first. Then I start R7. Both licenses are used, that’s OK. I want to start a new R5. “No R5 license available”. What? Why? I can start numerous R5 on the same system because they should use only one license. OK, I close all Rhino windows. No running Rhino running anymore on my Win10 system (even the task manager shows no processes anymore for Rhino or McNeel except for the Zoo). The Zoo says that my R5 license is in use (it isn’t!). I can start R7 now but I can not start R5 anymore. WTF! This is really bad.

I tried to stop and start the Zoo service: No change.

I rebooted the PC: R5 licenses still “in use” (without any R5 process running in the complete network for more than an hour now).

I recuded to 5 minutes in Zoo for “Recover orphaned licenses”, but no change. All licenses in “use” for more than an hour without any R5 process on the system.

Solution: I recovered both licenses with Edit->Recover

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