Anyone using Rhino on a 49" ultrawide? Any setup ideas/tips?

I’ve salivated since first seeing these and I pretty much love it (although Windows and Rhino weren’t quite designed for this screen layout). Here’s my setup: Trello project sheet, Excel ref data, and big ass Rhino:

My tips:

  • MSFT Powertoys’ Fancy Zones for window layout is a must. I use freehand (not grid layout) with overlapping zones for different workspaces:

  • Ditch the File Menu and Title bar - I miss File’s open recent list and seeing the file name in the title bar, but I like the extra vertical real estate enough to deal with it.

  • Next to a view like Front, I keep another viewport for Back that is sized down to a sliver. I can resize it or go fullscreen when I want to see that view. Also a 2nd perspective viewport in a different display mode. You can use _ReadViewportsFromFile to get my layout: Jewelry R7.3dm (631.9 KB).

As for downsides…I basically wanted a dual monitor setup without the center bezel. I did not want a single big screen. The biggest reason was that mapping a 16:9 Wacom to a 32:9 is wonky. Plus, you lose the dual-screen functionality for full-screen apps like games.

I solved that by running two DP cables from the GPU and having the monitor in picture-by-picture mode (PBP). That works, but the Samsung G9 firmware is less than polished for this use case.

  • Monitor settings and profiles are inaccessible while in PBP mode. Flipping to a single input and having Win10 freak out to change settings is a PITA.
  • The built-in audio and USB hub troll Win10.
  • Coming back from Win10 putting the display to sleep, it sees one monitor, then adds the 2nd, again trolling Win10. Luckily, PowerToys puts all your apps back into their region. Unfortunately, the Taskbar is going to be locked to the primary display. You can move it to the secondary, but it switches back every time. Also, the G9 can freeze and you have to reset it (yank the power cord).

I think Win11 is going to eliminate the downsides, but I am not a guinea pig.

Yeah my main 30" monitor(2560X1600, paired with a cheap 1080p 32") died after about 10 years and since finding a high-end monitor these days is like finding anything else, I was very lucky someone had a 38" 3840X1600 LG for sale, which was what I wanted to upgrade to anyway, and… I’m kinda meh on it. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price, and certainly glad I didn’t get the high-end-gamer version that costs 4X what I paid for this.

The wide angle is nice for games, but the real increase in actual screen area is rather modest, and indeed how to actually make remotely efficient use of the width has been a bit of a challenge. For work I’d ideally have 2(or more) tall-aspect-ratio 30"-ish screens. Apparently the cool kids are using 48" OLED TVs, with special desk arrangements so that you’re not craning your neck up at it all the time, and it’s next-level awesome, at least until the burn-in sets in.

I’m coming from a 32" 4k and 22" 1080 setup. I found the 32" to have too much vertical real estate and not enough horizontal. And half of the 22" monitor’s space was wasted since I only needed a small area for reference material. Now I have no wasted space, it’s all useable.

I wish the 49" was a 32:10 instead of 32:9 so I had a little extra vertical space, but I love the horizontal. Back on the 32", I’d _MaxViewport to do something, but I don’t work on anything that’s easily seen from a single POV. I always had to restore and check it from other angles as I go. Now I have four viewports that are big enough to work in while glancing at others as I go.