Viewing a vimeo or youtube tutorial rhs monitor and rhino open lhs how?

Hi, win7 pro 64,
drag rhino window at top to left edge monitor, get rhino in lhs half of screen.
drag youtube page to rhs edge, youtube page fits rhs half, but the video is small with all the other clutter one doesnt need, choose the full screen option and it takes up the entire monitor, nuking rhino,… expected !

Ditto vimeo.

how can one play a video tutorial and also have rhino open at the same time to follow along ?

We need to be able to follow along. trying to remember, minimizing, maximising different windows every few seconds is not very good as any tutor will agree.


If I remember correctly, you have a laptop and a desktop computer. Just connect the desktop screen to your laptop and have Rhino on one screen and the browser on the other.

Hi, I have laptop though all plumbed in in a different room to desktop, just nipping upstairs to suss something on internet/video. Also graphics card on laptop doesnt have output the monitor needs from what I recall, and getting to the monitor outputs is darned difficult, and no where to easily put the laptop up here either. Laptop isnt internet connected either.

All in all I need to somehow run video and rhino in screen halves on the desktop… I took a video download onto the laptop but still find myself minimising and maximising, every few seconds, real pain. as an mp4 though I had it running in quicktime, so might try to resize that !

I also find that there are settings in use which are not mentioned in videos, one needs to pause and study command line, the tutor doesnt deal with such detail, and the devil is in the detail !..or can be :slight_smile:


If you have Win 7 or later, you might be able to do this


Steve is on XP.

Yep, we all know it was the best OS MS ever made. Aside from Win 98, that is… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With 1990’s h/w, s/w you get 1990’s capability.

I hated having to move on from 3.11.

Hi guys,
No I’m on win7 64bit pro with my purpose built Rhino tower PC trying to do this, its my internet PC, laptop win xp and was ok v4 but slow v5,is for when I fancy TV for mental stimulus as well as sat still working for 14 hrs a day. ( I hate the fan noise, just adore/ luv the screen which is quality monitor status, suitable for pro photographer editing etc, not crappy laptop thing where colours shift hue with head movement)…I failed to find one as good recently and gave up.

I am using the snap facility, one of the best things Msoft ever did :slightly_smiling:but after snapping rhino to lhs, and firefox to rhs, play video and its too small, nees enlarging, so click enlarge buton lower right in vimeo or youtube and it fills the entire screen, not just half the screen.

thats the problem, either a a few cm big or the entire screen. How do I get the video to fill half a screen ?


You zoom in. Ctrl +.
Zooms entire web browser.

I would recommend trying any and all way ways to get that second monitor … even it’s small, low resolution, and borrowed from your smelly cousin. Two screens will beat and and all of the options discussed.

If that still won’t work, you might try using Chrome instead of Firefox. I find it more stable and faster Don’t forget the tip mentioned earlier to zoom into the browser with CTRL+.