Quickly select the outline of objects?

Hello. I want to know.
There is a “script” that quickly selects the outlines of objects. I have a lot of objects that need to be contoured.

How about the bounding box/rectangle of different object clusters?

Your question is a bit random and imprecise in my opinion. What do you for instance mean by “script”? Python, C#, VB, vanilla Grasshopper? And are your geometries already data-wise grouped into clusters or not? If not, what would be a way to group them in the first place?
Also what is the logic behind outlining some object with rectangles, others with circles, or polygons? It all seems pretty random to me. It’s hard to devise a system from something that isn’t part of one in the first place, at least for me.

Furthermore, you haven’t uploaded a relevant example file to work with! All of this culminates in nobody really knowing how or even wanting to help you!
The screenshot/diagram is a nice touch, but you should have put more effort in your text description and uploaded the GH or Rhino file that you by the way probably already had from the example that you made for your diagram.
And if you aren’t looking for a coded solution, but rather a visual scripted one, move this topic to the Grasshopper category!