Quickly Flatten Linework Imported from AutoCAD?

I have imported some drawings from a .dwg into my Rhino file to use as reference. Once I started trying to work with a copied file, I realized I had a problem. Looked at it in the perspective view, and low and behold…it’s a mess. Is there some fast way of making all of the linework flat without using MAKE2D? I would love to simply flatten the lines that are there without making a copy like MAKE2D does.

I am using Rhino 5.3.2 on MacOS 10.13.2

Here is perspective view for illustrative purposes (my drawings are the flat ones):

Hello - Use ProjectToCPlane (Transform menu) for this.


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That worked for 90% of the problems! For some reason it doesn’t seem to work with block instances. Any idea why?

I don’t think you can flatten blocks without actually editing the blocks.

True this does not always work. I have this issue too sometimes. I made a grasshopper script which makes outlines of all the geometry and then moves everything to point 0.0.0. So in order to make this work best. it is best to take your selection to the side. Then select everything and use it as input in the grasshopper script. This might work for you. I’ll include the file here so you can try it out.

Flatten all geometry.gh (293.5 KB)

Might work:

SETPT Then select X, Y, or Z only, depending upon the direction you want to flatten. 0
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