Quickly edit poly-surfaces

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I’m still learning a lot about Rhino and the basis. My question is quite simple, how do experienced rhino’s users quickly edit poly-surfaces such as boxes, cylinder, etc without remaking the geometry. I’ll very often start from scratch working with curves, but as soon as I generate multi-surface and join 'em, I don’t know how to edit it. I can work with surface and controls points with rebuild command, but as soon as I start having poly-surfaces with volume it just seems to me it don’t work so well.

In SketchUp, you would have just moved the line of a box and the surface would follow.

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Hi David - Yeah- that is much harder with surfaces, unless you keep everything moving ortho to the box. You can, in Rhino, select faces by Ctrl-Shift click (Sub-object select) and then use Move, or Gumball (Set Gumball to orient by object) to move the faces. You can also use SolidPtOn. Keep in mind that things can get squirrely pretty quickly if the faces get twisted up.


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I wasn’t talking about the “move” aspect of Rhino, but move about how to edit complex or simple poly-surface.


As in this example of SU, a simple move of the edge adjust automatically the surface. Pushing or pulling up the segment (not the corner), would have given me a 3D-trapeze.

How do I archive simple things like this on Rhino? Maybe I just don’t get the “how” process yet?

Edit: At the moment, the only way I can think of is by modifying the curves, and regenerate the surfaces (which is certainty not optimal).

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Yep - but see how SU divides that face ? You can grab a vertex (SolidPtOn) and move it in Rhino , or select and edge and move or scale it, on a Rhino box. Rhino curves the faces, it does not split into planes.


What Pascal was saying is that you can select just an edge or one face of a polysurface by using the "Sub-Object Selection functionality. You invoke that by using Ctrl+Shift when you click on one of those features. When that is selected, you can just use regular commands to modify the object.

Unless you are working with simple geometry and using this with care, it’s a very good way to mess up an otherwise good object. That’s why Pascal also says:

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Yeah, I didn’t experiment it before to repost, sorry.

That is very very useful to know! This sub object selection is going to speed up my process so well.

I’m very happy you have shared these two commands with me.

When using solidptson, is there a possibility to add any new flex-points to a poly-surface? Something like a rebuild, or I don’t know?

Hi David - SplitFace may get you what you need.


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I highly recommend that you watch some of the videos that Brian James has created for modeling with Rhino:


In particular:

called “Hello Gumball” will help you use a very, very useful tool.

Those tricks worked great! Thank you.

I’m just wondering if it is possible to delete somehow the solid vertex? When I turn solidptson it seems to be impossible to delete 'em. I’m not sure too but I think I’ve many vertex at the same position too.