How to modify a poly-surface model?

I attempted to use PointsOn function and move the control points for modifying shape of a poly-surface model.
However, this function cannot be used for poly-surface models according to error message.
Do I just have to ① open a poly-surface model without surface-join ②use PointsOn function and move the control points③ join the modified surfaces ?
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in Advance :smiley:

Well, you can use the command SolidPtOn to turn on edit points for polysurfaces. This will work well if all the surfaces are planar or are degree 1 in both directions. If your polysurface object contains curved surfaces, most likely editing with these points will produce bad results. In that case, yes, you will probably have to explode and edit the surfaces individually and re-join everything afterwards.

With the help of the cage edit command, you can modify (closed) poly surfaces.

Helvetosaur -san
Thank you for your consideration ;D

3dkevin -san
cage edit command seems to be interesting !
I’m very beginner of rhino, but will explore other commands ;D