Basic advice needed on polysurface edting

Still very new to Rhino -
I have to slightly flatten the shape of a large number of ribbons and I need some advice on a good workflow.

Previously I would do this in modo so I want to describe my modo workflow to clarify what I don’t know how to do in Rhino.
In modo I would turn on vertices and select all of them on the ribbon. Then I’d lay a Fall Off over the surface which would control my Move function such that the vertices further out on the bulge would move further and those closest to the edge of the Fall Off would move less. This would give me a nice, even curve. The more extreme the Fall Off I used, the flatter the ribbon would be.

I don’t know how to do this in Rhino. I’ve tried Cageedit - no luck. I’ve exploded the polysurface and then edited the control points and that worked but it was a lot of work to get a new shape as smooth as the original without going back and re-editing. In modo, with a Fall Off this would be pretty automatic - lay out the Fall Off, select Move, pull, done.

Advice, suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hi Arail - can you post the file? or send to I think SoftMove on control points will be your friend here but it may not be obvious how to apply it. If the objects are meshes there are some other possibilities as well.


Arail, maybe also post a screen shot of your modo file, or something showing the shape with indication of the transform you are going for. There’s a lot of room for interpretation in your description.

Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier but I got dragged off to other projects.

I solved the problem by approaching if from a different direction - I used the bend tool in orthographic views and achieved the effect that I was looking for.

I will explore the SoftMove tool - not something I’m familiar with yet. And I haven’t yet begun to explore Rhino’s mesh tools - esp. as regards the possibility of going back and forth from modo to leverage modo’s extraordinary Fall Off modifiers. Next on my extensive list of things to learn.

Thanks again.