Quick view of entity properties?

is there a fast way to get xyz coordinates and layer of entities? i have properties open but then have to click details, then close it to move on.
is there a way to leave the details open and still keep working?

in mastercam it was easy to click analyze and move from entity to entity. sorry for all the “mastercam did it this way” questions, just trying to learn all the new conventions and stumbling over seemingly simple things.

Not directly but you could cobble something together.
For the layer, if the Properties panel is open, select the object and it will list in the properties. If Properties is not open, you can use the status bar ticker (bottom right of the Rhino application window set for Selected object layer
(See image).

For the coordinate list you can use the Cursor Tool Tips.
(See image)

Then using an osnap, start a command like (EvaluatePt) and float over the point you want.
(See image)

any way to get Z along with that?

i see yours has xy and z. mine is only showing x and y?

got it, was on cplane not world. now i have xyz. thanks

i take it back. i only get xyz in the front view, x and y only in other windows.

I get all three in all viewports provided the point I’m selecting isn’t coplanar to the CPlane in that view, AND an osnap filter has latched on to the geometry.

sorry for being so dense on this. when i do the above and move the cursor around, the endpoint it’s finding is projected up to Z0 so i’m guessing that’s why i’m only getting x and y numbers. have tried with cplane and world in the lowest left hand corner.
i get all three in front and side view set to world.

Rhino defaults to pointing on the CPlane of the current viewport. That can be overridden in a command with an osnap filter or with the Planar tool. The Project osnap will force all picks to the CPlane.