Precision of point coordinates in properties


I’ve got a building in Rhino where I have to check in each level if two points differ in height by 0.5mm. I usually select the point and look at the z-coordinate in Properties–>Details.

In lower levels there is no problem. For example I have z=24009.5 for the first point and z=24010 for the second point.

But as soon as the levels reach z = 100000, the decimals are not shown anymore. For example I get z = 133210 for both points. It seems that the coordinates are always represented by six digits.

Is there a way to augment the number of decimals/digits in the object description window? Or do you have another quick way to compare the z-coordinate of two points?

Thanks for you answers!


Try the _Distance command.
It shows the Delta in the command area.


Ah, that’s indeed a quick and easy solution!
Thank you, Charles!