How am I supposed to know an object's(line, surface) z axis coordinates? aren't they supposed to show on the bottom?

From my memory, elevation z coordinates did show on the bottom of the screen when I clicked on an object, but for some reason It just says ‘0’ zero all the time. I can’t find a solution to this no matter what I search. It has been very frustrating workK-001 to work like this…

Do you have “Project” checked in the Osnap bar by any chance?

Nope… I tried that but it is not working either…

Well, the coordinates in the status bar indicate the current cursor position (World or CPlane coordinates). As in creating geometry, when nothing is actively being snapped to as a reference, the cursor is assumed to be on the CPlane in Z - i.e. you will see 0 in the Z status bar box. When you actually snap to something, the Z coordinate of the snap point should show up in the box.

To get the coordinates of some point when you’re not in a command, you can use Analyze>Point (_EvaluatePt).

Is it possible to see the coordinates of a single point or control point upon selecting it? Without the need to run additional commands. That would be helpful, because currently I have to run additional command and activate the OSnap to evaluate the coordinates of a single point.

exactly! I know that autocad has these features on their properties panel, so why not rhino…

thanks for the reply, tho I wanted a feature that you can see the z height just by clicking the curve. But thanks!

I see the height (the complete size) of selected object in boxedit panel.

That would be helpful, yes. It does however create an exception to the idea that the status bar coordinates show the cursor location, not the selected object.

Well, that works if the curve is planar and parallel to the current CPlane - but if it’s not?