Quick mirror command

Hi, is it possible to mirror selected geometry pieces by X-axis for example and make it historically associative? Routine operation it is so would be great to have a button without any options. Thank you :slight_smile:

You can macro this - the main thing is it requires you to be in the correct view, as the native RhinoCommand uses the active view/CPlane as the reference plane.

! #_Mirror _Pause _XAxis

The # turns on history even if it isn’t normally enabled.

Otherwise, a script can guarantee a world axis mirror with history no matter what CPlane is active and whether history is enabled or not.

MirrorWorldXWHistory.py (758 Bytes)
MirrorWorldYWHistory.py (758 Bytes)


Great! As simple as that : ) And so I just added the line before the mirroring !_CPlane _World _Top, now it works automatically, thank you Helvetosaur!

Yeah, but be careful with that, it sets the CPlane to Top in whatever viewport is active when you run it. Not good if the Front viewport is active for example. I might set the active view to Top first instead.

SetActiveViewport "Top"

I didn’t suggest that because it may not run in all languages, and “Top” view can also be removed from a file or renamed.

Oh, thanks for mentioned this too… I’m using ortho views twice a year or so but surely will keep that in mind. So far perspective view works correctly and I’m not using any other languages but English (hope someday I could also speak English too). Thanks again : )

I guess you could still run _Cplane _Undo in the macro after mirroring?


Sometimes it’s not very handy, depend on which CPlane you need at the moment and which one is settled… For now decided to put that line away from several macros.

That’s why the scripts are easier…

Yes I’ve no doubt, wish I could handle scripting but seems it’s not my field at all… Some people got the move and some are not, unfortunately : )

Yep, but installing them is not difficult… :smile:


Well I didn’t meant that it’s hard to use something like scripts… it’s hard for me to write it. You know, the way of thinking… I’m more like right-brained person it that sense… : )