Quick bug report - groups in blocks

I had not noticed that it was possible to have groups inside blocks.
Here’s an unexpected issue (just a quick report).
Edit block >>
add object >>
[groups cannot be selected only individual objects]
A. Select all objects in group.

  1. although objects were selected one by one it stays as a group
  2. the group is not copied but moved to block - unlike other objects that are duplicated into the block.

B. Select only a few objects of the group

  1. the objects copied to the block stay grouped with the objects that were not copied, while editing session remains open. So if you move them, the whole group will be moved, even though the some elements are in the block and others are not.
  2. after stopping the block editing session, the objects were copied (unlike when the whole group was selected - above) and disconnected from the original group (unlike during the editing session).


Trying to understand.

Here i have a Block (circle) and some grouped rectangles.

Editing the block and adding an object from the group is copying an instance of the rectangle. In this simple example i’m not seeing anything unusual.

R8-Block-Group-interaction.3dm (57.9 KB)

Here’s on my side
Version 8 SR10
(8.10.24187.6001, 2024-07-05)

Are there nested Groups? I’m not able to repeat. Can you post your file?

R8-Block-Group.3dm (97.6 KB)

New file.
Create TextObject, make it a block. Create TextObject, make it a group.
Edit block, add the part of or whole group, move the group.
240709 AddGroupToBlock.3dm (620.9 KB)

Thanks RH-82921,

you explained it well. I wasn’t going into the block the second time and moving the objects.

RH-82921 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 10 Release Candidate