Questions about the use and display of Karamba


In the last weeks i have been using Karamba to analyse wooden structures (i.e. the following truss).
Due the process, the following questions have arisen for me.

How can load cases be combined with Karamba in a simple way?
The following variant seems a bit complicated to me.

Is it possible to display the values of the deflections on the model without the need for a legend?

Or is it possible to display the deflection with a legend but without the section dimensions?

Is it possible to manually reverse the direction of the section forces display and also the sign? For example, in this truss there actually is a positive moment and not a negative one. For the axial force, on the other hand, the signs fit, but there I would like to reverse the display direction.
I think that these differences to the normal statics are due to the different definition of the z-direction in the coordinate system of Rhino. So I wonder if I can reverse or adjust this with Karamba?

Is it possible to adjust the font size of the text (e.g. of the section forces) only in the “settings script”? Or is there another option to adjust the font size with a slider or value directly in GH?

I would be very happy if you could give me an answer to my questions.


Hi Justus,

the normal forces are orientated according to the beam orientation. If you flip the z axis of the beams, then direction of the section forces will be mirrored.

If you want more control of the render settings, please take a look at our video: #7 – Parametric User Interface on our Tutorials page.

If you want to create custom display previews simply use the BeamDisplacements component to extract all the displacements and create your own colour mapping.