Questions about Flamingo

Why is Flamingo forum so quieted? Seems there is nobody to answer?
Is it normal Path Tracer to be that noisy?

Hi Dedo,

I think the plan is that the nXt forum will migrate here to discourse so I’d suggest posting any questions here now in anticipation of that. The path tracer engine in nXt will create a noise artifact versus the sharp shadow overlap artifact that the default engine resolves over time. The lights, materials and geometry in the file all play a part in calculation time as well. So, yes, path tracing is noisy and smooths out over time as fast as it can based on your processing power. It can look more photo real but can also take longer despite the engine used. Feel free to post any files or screen shots and I may be able to help more if you’re looking for ideas on speeding things up.

I see - Thanks. I’m playing with Flamingo, V-ray, Brazil and Thea. Flamingo seems the most stable and easy on the texture mapping. But using default engine for interiors produces artificial results. I like Path tracer but the noise is too much. I’ll keep on testing.

Interiors are tough to do realistically and quickly even on fast machines. Vray or Brazil with GI and irradiance mapping is typically the best balance. I bet you like the default of world coordinate system for the texture mapping in nXt. This can be specified in other plugins too within the texture map of a given material or within the Rhino texture mapping properties for an object if the plugin being used supports Rhino fully.

I don’t understand the trick with WCS mapping?! Here is what I get:

Hii Cadmaster- it looks like Flamingo uses the equivalent of Rhino’s WCS Box style.


Hi Pascal - I get the same texture mess with WCS(box style):

Yup - there is a bug in the current service release of Rhino that causes WCS-box and WCS to be wrongly scaled when the units are not meters. It will be fixed in SR6.

In the meantime, change the size value to something bigger (it will depend on your model units)