Turning up Flamingo nXt settings?

Hi - I’m relatively new to Flamingo nXt and was wondering if there were any settings that would improve overall quality (at the expense of time). I have the luxury of running over the weekend sometimes and want to be able to maximize all parameters. Aside from letting the passes go on for a long time, what else could be done? Many thanks!


If you could show by means of an image what kind of improvements you would like to get it would help.


You can try the Path Tracer engine instead of the default one. This will be a different look and often takes a bit longer to smooth out, but I find it more realistic in some scenes. You make the change in nXt control panel>Render tab

Thanks for the responses. Apologies for the long lapse in responding.

In previous versions of flamingo, there were a few places where you could turn up settings (passes, soft shadows, etc.). Beyond changing to the Path Tracer engine, are there other dials/knobs that i could max out? Or is nXt’s new approach to passes (let’s you run until specified) the answer.

I use this for mostly architectural renderings, so outside lighting etc.