Noisy render in Flamingo nXt

Hi all,

I’m trying to render a scene for a client and having trouble with noise.

It is most apparent in this view on the lampshade, however depending on the angle of the shot it can appear on almost any white surface, all of which are nXt materials.
What causes this and what can I do to eliminate it?
this particular rendering was only 5 passes, however I have had the same problem with 30 passes in this model.

As a side note - I’m new to rendering in Rhino, but not new to rendering. For years I did all of my rendering in C4D because I found the lights to be easier to control. One feature of the C4D rendering engine that is sorely missing in the default and nXt engines is soft shadows. Sure, I can let a model render for 6 hours, but surely theres a better way, right?


Hi @BrooklynSculpt , what light configuration are you using in the scene (light types, etc)?

Hi @Ioannis, I am using a custom lighting setup with sun and sky, several omni lights in the ceiling Cans, and in the lamps and spots to light the fireplace surround. The blinds are also tagged to emit a small amount of light to suggest bright sun. They are divided into groups and each group occupies a channel (6 channels in total including sun).

All lights are tagged objects rather than inserted light objects.
I am also very unhappy with the harshness of the shadows (see under the lamp) and the ways the lights interact. For instance, at one point I had an area light to the right of the camera to act as a soft-box however it seemed to actually reduce the overall light in the scene.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I might get a usable result (without rendering for 6 hours)?

What render engine did you use? I tried some things yesterday with Path Tracing and it gave me some pretty good results including soft shadows . Actually the first thing you do in a rendering scene is assign all the objects with a uniform diffuse material (light grey). This is a good way to quantify your light sources and push the relevant intensities. So you might need a separate and preliminary Rhino Render Scene with one material. After that you progress with the assignment of computer intensive materials trying to avoid full white on the diffuse channels. Additionally it might be a good idea to place light portals instead of window glasses. So you could place for instance self illuminating panels or just Rhino lights outside of the room openings. That may make your sun obsolete. What do you think?

In my experience noisy and white dots are usually if you use light settings with more sources (sun, sky, omnilights…). Try to change lightning options (inside - outside) and change the channel of every lights, in post-processing you can modify every single channel turning off noisy and white dots. :wink:

thanks @zironi_francesco! I’ll try…

I am new to Flemingo. I need a favor from you.I am trying for night render. Could you please tell me, how you have removed default lights?

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