Add Component Windows with Multiple Host Walls


It seems there’s probably a simple answer to this but I can’t find it anywhere else on the forum.

I have multiple walls by curve that I’d like to add windows to. When I connect walls into the host for the add component, I get an error (“can’t cut instance of…out of wall”) and the windows don’t populate the Revit model correctly. What is the solution to this? You can see that only one point generates a correct window, many points don’t generate a window at all, and for some reason there’s a window at each end of the wall rotated 90 degrees that shouldn’t be there.


Hi jjanke81, (15.9 KB)

You are still going to need to locate the point of placement for each window. I do this by getting the location line and creating a point on it.

Thank you, Japhy. I guess I was hoping there would be a way to manually place points on the face of the wall wherever I want a window (which is what I did on the Rhino screenshot, circled in red). I can get this to work when there’s only one host wall. But it seems that because I’m using multiple walls as hosts, the component needs more information to function properly? Is this correct?

If you are using multiple walls with various points the lists will need to be grafted properly.

Notice on the example i posted the dashed wires going into the Add Component. I have 4 lists of 1 wall going into host and 4 lists of one (but could be more) locations.

Yes, that was it! Thank you so much!